Buy Coconut oil online: Pure & Vegan

Due to the increased adulteration, it becomes hard to find & buy the purest form of Coconut oil online. Most of the products that we find online are highly adulterated and are not safe to use. We cannot trace the origin of the products and the way they were processed. This makes it impossible for someone to understand the purity of these products until they use it.

Svojas Farms offers the 100% purest form of coconut oil online. Svojas Coconut oil is minimally processed using adulteration free organic approach.

Why to Buy Svojas Farms Coconut Oil?

Svojas follows Unique 3 Day Fruit to Oil Processing method. Which ensure minimal processing and zero adulteration for the products. Coconuts are handpicked and sun-dried. The process is free from usage of Sulpher or other preservatives. The collected coconuts will be converted to ready to use pure oil form in just 3 days.

Svojas Farms offer traceability on the products they sell. Which means you can actually trace the origin of coconut oil that you buy online.

Zero adulteration

Coconuts are handpicked and sun-dried & processed within 3 days to preserve the quality and nutritional benefits. It is minimally processed using organic methods.

Pesticides Free

Our coconuts are Sulphur Free, and filtration is done using the traditional and natural method devoid of any chemicals.

100% Natural

We recognize the numerous health benefits of pure coconut oil in its natural state. Our Coconuts are sourced from Kerala’s Kuttiyadi belt, which is known for its high-quality coconut variants.

buy coconut oil online

Health Benefits of Svojas Coconut oil

Svojas Coconuts are sourced from Kerala’s Kuttiyadi belt, which is known for its high-quality coconut variants. The coconut oil from Svojas Farms has high medicinal value and you can stay you away from health issues that are caused due to the use of adulterated coconut oil.

Day to day life usage of Coconut oil

Svojas coconut oil is ideal for high heat cooking. Svojas pure Coconut Oil is an excellent natural moisturizer and is great for dry skin. It nourishes the skin and hair and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Medicinal Values of SVojas Coconut oil

It provides great resolution to cut back infections. Incorporating Coconut Oil into everyday diet helps to prepare antibodies and improve the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, helping in overall body immunity.

SAFE: Svojas Assured Food Experience

Svojas Assured Food Experience is our quality standards to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers. Svojas offer only genuine products and respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.


SVOJAS FARMS’ foundation lies in making available your favourite food & grocery in a safe, economical and easy to use form.

All our food products will be-

Free of Artificial Contents – Pesticides, Preservatives, Chemicals

Minimally Processed

Sustainable & Ethically Produced

100% Traceable


Where to buy Svojas Farms Organic Coconut oil online?

Svojas Coconut oil is available to buy online through amazon. Delivery is available anywhere in India also abroad. Place an order today and experience the benefits of coconut oil in its 100% natural form.